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Also called: Cerebrovascular accident, Ischemic stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Transient Ischemic Attack, TIA

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Books on Stroke

ABC of Stroke

This book is a practical guide covering all aspects of stroke from prevention through to long-term support.

Navigating the Complexities of Stroke

This book provides a practical guide to stroke.

Stronger after Stroke

This book provides simple instructions for reaching the highest possible level of healing.

The Stroke Recovery Book

Provides information on different types of stoke and why they occur. Also provides information on what to expect following a stroke, including the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Stop Your Next Stroke

This book explains the different types of stroke as well as causes and prevention.

After a Stroke

Includes over 300 tips to assist stroke survivors.

Stroke - A Lahey Clinic Guide

Provides practical answers to the most common questions asked by patients and families about stroke.

Beat the Heart Attack Gene

A guide on how to prevent heart disease based on genetic factors.

The Comfort of Home for Stroke

This guide helps caregivers, family and stroke survivors understand the everyday issues faced by care providers.

The Family Guide to Surviving Stroke and Communication Disorders

Provides information on the needs of stroke survivors and their families.

Stroke and the Family

This book allows general readers working with stroke survivors to make sense of the confusing variety of diagnoses and treatment options. It also explores the challenges the recovering stroke patient and the recovering family will face.

Life after Stroke

This book is written by doctors who treat people with stroke and covers the path to recovery with practical advice on treatment, rehabilitation, and lifestyle changes.

Living with Stroke

Provides information on life after stroke for patients, families and caregivers.

My Stroke of Insight

A brain scientist's own journey with stroke.

Recognizing and Surviving Heart Attacks and Strokes

This book is based on fifty years of patient care and includes stroke warning signs, including little-known signs that go unrecognized by most.

When Your Spouse Has a Stroke

This book focuses on the emotional, psychological, and social consequences of stroke and the deeply personal side of caregiving.


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